Links I Like


1. IMBd One of the web’s most popular and authoritative source for movies and actors, this is a great site to get information on LGBTQ+ movies and the people that worked to bring them to life.


2. Roger Ebert Movie Blog – The legendary movie reviewer may have passed away in 2013; however, he left behind an extensive catalog of movie reviews — including his personal opinions on LGBTQ+ movies. His wife and other contributors continue writing for the blog, and they offer exceedingly insightful opinions that I highly recommend.


3. Rotten Tomatoes – Known as the famous (or infamous) aggregator for movie reviews, this site offers various film reviews by industry professionals and tallies up the scores to give a rotten, fresh, or certifies fresh certification. I think it’s always important to get a second, or even third, opinion on a movie to gain a different perspective.


4. Wikipedia – Your high school teacher always told you to stay away from this site; but! for movie knowledge like actors and film summaries, Wikipedia is actually pretty good for quick info. I use it, and I think you should too (just steer away from pages that discuss historical figures).